Mozilla Firefox
Version 21.0 - 31.X

„YouTube Downloader & Converter“: add-on for Mozilla Firefox, for free!

The “YouTube Downloader und Converter“ is a free add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It is installed with just three clicks. No other inconvenient installations on the computer or the system take place, it is only an extension for the internet browser.

1 Download the “YouTube Downloader & Converter“

Click on the download button and wait until a puzzle piece appears in the upper left corner of the menu bar. A request to allow the add-on will pop up. Please click on “allow”.

The download is finished in a few seconds since the Firefox extension needs not much memory space.

You can download the latest Mozilla Firefox here.

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Install addon now

2Confirm the add-on installation

The installation starts automatically. The known “warning window” will appear which can be ignored. Just wait for the countdown and then select “install now”.

3The Firefox Extension was successfully installed and is ready for use!

Since the “YouTube Downloader & Converter“ needs no re-start you can begin immediately to download you favourite songs.

Important – please install the converter as well!

After the downloader is installed you will be asked if the additional FFmpeg converter (ca. 26 MB) should be downloaded and installed as well. In order to be able to use every function of the the add-on one should accept this download. Only in combination with the FFmpeg you will have all available download options.

During the download you will receive the message to install FFmpeg as well. Just click on yes and the rest is done automatically. If FFmpeg is already installed or you want to install it later, than you can open the settings and copy and paste the installation path so that the add-on is able to draw on this source.

You want to remove the “YouTube Downloader & Converter“? That is how it works:

Just like the installation, the deletion of the add-on needs only three clicks.

1Go to the Options of the Firefox Extension

In order to go to the Firefox administration click on the Firefox navigation and then on “add-ons“

2Select the “YouTube Downloader & Converter“ from the add-on

All installed Firefox extensions are listed here. Look for the “YouTube Downloader & Converter“ and click on the “delete” button.

As long as you are in this list you are able to reverse your action. The add-on will be gone and deactivated once the window is closed.


Just like the installation, the deletion needs no re-start.

If you want to delete FFmpeg as well then you can delete it when you go to the settings of the add-on.

We would be happy if you would give us a feedbackWhy you decided to remove the „YouTube Downloader & Converter”? Thank you!