Toolbar Icon

It shows whether a YouTube video is found, shows the process of active download and conversion. Further it opens the toolbar panel with one click.


Toolbar Panel

It lists all detected YouTube videos as a quick view with a direct download option and shows as well all finished downloads and settings.


Download Bar

Under every video player on www.youtube.com a download bar is visible with a quick view for direct downloads.


Download profiles

Download profiles are for individual file and quality settings. As an additional option, every download profile can be saved, managed, organized, and deleted.

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How does the addon work? Detect, download and convert...

The add-on recognizes videos from the YouTube page but also embedded and linked YouTube videos from other websites and the toolbar with the download option.

The add-on recognizes videos from the YouTube page but also embedded and linked YouTube videos from other websites and the toolbar with the download option.

The integrated and intelligent logic will start every download if necessary. It downloads videos or music in the appropriate or optimal quality available.

Important – please install the converter as well!

After the downloader is installed you will be asked if the additional FFmpeg converter (ca. 26 MB) should be downloaded and installed as well. In order to be able to use every function of the the add-on one should accept this download.

In FFmpeg is an open source collection of audio and video codecs that are needed for all conversions. FFmpeg is a widely used standard tool that is implemented in VLC player. So it’s rightly regarded a absolutely trustworthy tool. (for more information click here)

Why is a converter essential? YouTube makes downloads difficult

Videos and audio tracks on YouTube are accessible for everyone and can be downloaded with a little effort. However, it is often the case that YouTube complicates things:

  • Due to technical reason but even more for an improved loading, YouTube often disconnects the video file from the audio track. Not only when it comes to HD or 4K videos but in some cases videos in normal quality (480p) are affected as well.
  • Often, YouTube offers just one or two particular video formats (i.e. MP4 or FLV). Yet, not all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) are supporting this format without additional software.
  • Or YouTube provides no separate audio track in which case it has to be extracted from the video. Also, YouTube tries to stop downloads by using encryption (i.e. many VEVO videos are encoded)

Users who are hesitant and do not want to download additional and unknown software have the option to download FFmpeg manually and deposit the file path afterwards by using the add-on manager.

Without the converter it is nearly impossible to download various formats and videos without integrated audio track. For this reason the add-on will ask before a download if FFmpeg should be installed.

The biggest advantage with a local converter is that the conversion of files can take place directly without any complications. Further, after the download is finished other unneeded files (i.e. extracting files) will be deleted.

Which video and audio tracks are supported? Many established formats and many more…
  • Video.MP4
  • Video.FLV
  • Video.MOV
  • Video.AVI
  • Video.3GP
  • Video.WMV
  • Video.WebM
  • Video.MKV
  • Audio.AAC
  • Audio.MP3
  • Audio.M4A
  • Audio.OGG
  • Audio.WAV
  • Audio.WMA
  • Audio.FLAC
  • Audio.OPUS

What can add-on and converter do? The ideal interaction

The add-on contains many handy functions: it is easy to use and offers an overview over downloads, it detects YouTube videos, manages the settings, and takes on the control of the converter.

The converter has the role of a quiet but powerful assistant. It is not necessary to manage or configure this versatile tool in any way.

Downloading from YouTube becomes a cinch!

Functions of the Extension

  • The integrated download manager is capable to download any number of video and music files simultaneously. Also one can be informed when a download is finished
  • The add-on recognizes YouTube videos from the website and also which are embedded on other websites. It is even possible to download a whole YouTube playlist easily.
  • One can determine a standard download quality and with only one click videos and music will be downloaded. An even faster download is guaranteed if one determines own key shortcuts for the downloads
  • The search is over. A clear structured selection of format and quality settings for individual download settings makes downloading very easy.
  • Your individual download configurations can be saved as a download profile. Those can be managed, deleted, and rearranged at any time.
  • Moreover, we are able to encode encrypted VEVO Videos and it is even possible to download blocked US-videos. For currently, our YouTube Downloader is the only add-on that is compatible with the YouTube-Unblocker(Proxy-Service)

Functions of the Converter

  • The conversion takes place directly and is thus extremely fast. Annoying delays on websites which are filled with disruptive advertisement are no longer a problem.
  • All current video (MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, WebM) and audio (AAC, MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV) formats are supported and can be played on various electronic devices (iPod, smart phone) or any computer system (Windows, Mac)
  • If it is the case that YouTube offer no separate audio track then it can be extracted from the video and automatically converted in a format (MP3, AAC, OGG…)
  • The times where HD and full HD (1080p), and UltraHD (4K) YouTube videos where downloaded without audio track are over.
  • Even audio downloads can be downloaded in high quality (192 kbit/s) or in MP3 more bitrates are possible (up to 245 kbit/s)

If you need help with the installation, please read the instruction.

Yes, I have read and understood the Privacy policy and Terms of service.
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How to use the YouTube Downloader & Converter? Easy and intuitive…

The add-on is based on free selectable download configurations (profiles). Those are installed with the add-on and offers general download profiles. Those can be renamed, managed, deleted or even added. Further, a standard profile can be assigned which will be applied for the download per shortcut.

The downloader shows the size (MegaByte) of every download for every profile and also for new combination. Please take into consideration that the final file will be smaller after the conversion. It can be the case that certain downloads require multiple files or has to download a larger video file in order to extract the audio track.

Should it be the case that YouTube provides no files in a sufficient quality so the add-on will make you aware of this. This is often the case with HD (720p), Full HD (1080p) or 4K videos. It is technical impossible to enhance the quality by much (also not by conversion).

Regardless, such a download can be started at any time. The intelligent logic automatically select the optimal download quality and if needed converts the file in order to deliver the best possible result.

Just try it and let it surprise you... ;)

1Toolbar Icon

When installing our add-on an additional symbol will appear in you Firefox toolbar. This not only opens the Toolbar Panel but also shows you the process and your finished downloads.

It goes without saying that the toolbar icon can be dragged anywhere you like. With a right click on the icon or the toolbar and select the option “adjust” and drag the icon or delete it by dragging it in the list of toolbar icons.

If this is not possible then it is because of a not compatible Firefox-version. As an alternative you can deactivate or hide the add-on via the manager (about:addons) or via the options in the panel.

What if the add-on is deactivated or no video was detected?

The toolbar icon shows a grey YouTube logo. Either you have deactivated the add-on or no YouTube video was detected on the current website.

What if at least one YouTube video was detected?

The toolbar icon shows a red YouTube logo. Either a linked or embedded video was detected on the current website and can be downloaded.

What if at least one download is in process?

The toolbar icon shows a blue YouTube logo. Depending on the process of the download the icon will become blue with time.

What if a file is converted?

The toolbar icon shows a yellow converter logo until the conversion of the download was successfully completed.

2Toolbar Panel

The toolbar panel can be opened by clicking on the toolbar icon in a pop up above the current website. By clicking anywhere else, i.e. on the website, the panel closes again.

In the case that you do not need the add-on for the moment or the download bar on YouTube is disruptive, for you do not download something on a regular basis, you can activate or deactivate the panel at any time by clicking on the panel.

The Video Overview…

…Shows you information regarding your download including YouTube videos with an image, title, and other information. When you open the panel the add-on begins to search for linked or embedded videos. This works in the same manner on the homepage of YouTube, in channels or in search results. The video view will show you the current video and the search for further videos can be started by clicking [show every YouTube video on this page].

The Integrated Download Manager…

…Shows all active and completed downloads in a list. When there is an active download the process is shown as well and the download can be stopped at any time. By clicking on the finished download the download will be shown in an individual settable download folder. If needed the add-on informs you when a download was successfully completed.

The Download Settings…

… enables you to adjust the settings. You can choose a standard profile (from your download profiles) for the quick download and a download via a key shortcut. Choose or set an individual download list or adjust the key shortcut. Further, you can active or deactivate the information that your download was completed as well as the download bar. Here you can also hide the toolbar icon, activate or deactivate the “trusted link” options and give us your feedback in case of complications.

3Download Bar

The download bar will be attached under the video player and allows a fast selection of format and quality and the option of a direct download with just one click.

The standard profile is predefined and it is possible to deactivate the download bar via the settings in the panel.

Still, the download bar offers more. With a click on the setting symbol the control option regarding the download profiles opens.

4Download Profile

...individual download configuration

If it the case that you want to download a video or audio format in a certain quality then you can configure this individual download and even save this download profile under any name for later use. New profiles will appear in the selection and are set as a standard.

The add-on recognizes given any format and quality combinations and shows the responding download profiles. The download shows you “user-defined” but only when there is a new format and quality combination.

So every individual download configuration is automatically saved when clicking on the download button and the download starts. Therefore, those profiles do not have to be saved additionally.

… Your saved download profiles

Here all your saved and also new download profiles are shown. The title of every profile can be changed, even those of the predefined profiles. Also you can set a new standard profile and any other profiles can be deleted.

Further, you can sort all entries within a group (video and audio) and also sort the groups according to your preferences. The add-on will save changes automatically , uses the entry order, as well as the quick selection, and the individual format and quality configuration.

If needed, the predefined download profiles can be reinstated when using the “reset-button”.

Why not using a different download software? Easier, faster and for free

First of all, an add-on is an extension for a browser and is thus significantly easier and cheaper to develop. Since the add-on is integrated in the browser it can be used without many alterations with nearly all operating systems. This is why it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Installing unknown and complex software that one has to purchase in many cases, just to be able to download some videos or a MP3 via YouTube is unnecessary and inconvenient.

You have to install the program and start it every time for a download. And every time you want to download something you have to copy and paste the URL or the ID from a YouTube video, select the format and quality in order to start a download. And these steps describe “good” programs, in the worst case you even have to install another conversion program for this.

No! There is an easier, faster and even cheaper way.

The add-on is installed with three clicks and even layman will not have problems. You can install it even on your work computer for there are no admin rights necessary in order to download it. YouTube videos are recognized by the browser anyways. This is way it makes perfectly sense to use the browser. If necessary, a conversion of the file follows automatically. Done!

Moreover, the add-on allows further features like the detection of linked and embedded YouTube videos. This is why the our add-on is superior over those other programs who have an additional add-on along with their program.

You can download the latest Mozilla Firefox hereIf you need help with the installation, please read the instruction.

Yes, I have read and understood the Privacy policy and Terms of service.
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What about the updates? Regularly and automatically

YouTube performs technical updates on a regular basis and changes some small or larger parts of their layout nearly every week. This could lead to problems.

This is why updates and alteration regarding the detection of YouTube videos, the reading of certain video information or the technique in general have to take place.

We try to update our add-on as fast as we can and those update are distributed automatically.

Usually we receive feedback from the community quite fast if YouTube alteration should interfere with functions of the add-on.

In fact we use the tool regularly but are still dependent upon feedback and help! For this reason we would like to ask every user to follow us on Facebook and inform us via message, wall post or directly via our Feedback Form.

We are happy to receive compliments, critique and new ideas!