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Why another YouTube Downloader? Better, faster and way easier…

By now, there are a considerable number of YouTube Downloader (Add-ons, Plug-ins and Programs) and other programs, which convert audio and video files, available. Some programs are for free and a few which are quite good are quite expensive.

Technical advanced internet users already have found a way to dodge the obstacles when downloading songs from YouTube. However, the less experiences user neither wants to install optional programs nor handle and use complex software in order to download now and then a video or extract a MP3 from a YouTube video.

For this dilemma, the “YouTube Downloader & Converter” offers an easy and convenient solution. It combines downloading and converting of files in a browser extension which is free, simple to install and use. Everyone, regardless of their technical abilities is able to operate this extension with ease.

The Add-on is efficient and supports the conversion of any requested video format (MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, WebM, FLV) and various music formats (MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG). Additionally, the converter supports constant as well as variable bit-rates when downloading MP3-files.

In general, many video and audio files are easily accessible and downloadable given that one knows where to look. Unfortunately, YouTube can cause some technical obstacles:

  • YouTube often disconnects the video file from the soundtrack; both components need to be reconnected in order to generate videos in HD or 4K quality.
  • At times, YouTube offers just one or two particular video formats like MP4 or FLV. Unfortunately, these formats cannot be played on every device (PC or smart phone) without additional software and thus, they have to be converted in a suitable format.
  • Or, one just wants to extract the soundtrack from a YouTube video and download it as a MP3 or AAC song.

With this integrated converter all this is not only possible but also a piece of cake.

… just install it, test it and let it convince you!

Why using our extension? Individual and innovative

Our Add-on simplifies downloading and the automatic conversion of videos and music. You can choose from various download profiles or just determine a format and quality.

An intelligent logic always provides optimal results. The search for a download service in a chaotic list with numerous format and quality combinations is no longer necessary.

YouTube Downloader & Converter – all benefits at a glance

  • Due to the integrated download manager it is possible to download simultaneously any number of video and music files
  • Conversion into common video (MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, WebM) and audio formats (AAC, MP3, M4A, OGG).
  • Quick download with one click including the opportunity to choose any format and quality setting
  • Clear structured selection of format and quality settings (video and audio) for individual download settings.
  • Saving, managing and arranging of individual download profiles according to individual preferences
  • Extracting a soundtrack from any YouTube video and automatic conversion into MP3, AAC or OGG file
  • Video and audio track for video downloads in full HD 1080p and even UltraHD/4K quality are automatically added together
  • Music downloads in high quality (AAC- 192kbit/s) or choose from variable bit-rates (in MP3 from 65 to 245 kbit/s)
  • Download YouTube videos which are embedded on other websites and even whole YouTube playlist easily
  • Supports downloads from encoded VEVO-Videos and is compatible with YouTube-Unblocker (Proxy-Service)

A more elaborate description and further functions, as well as the information for the managing of the add-on can be found here.

You can download the latest Mozilla Firefox here
If you need help with the installation, please read the instruction.

Yes, I have read and understood the Privacy policy and Terms of service.
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Why is it just available for YouTube? Specialised and optimized

It is our choice that we do not offer a downloader & converter for other video and music platforms.

For one, the development and maintenance of more platforms costs more effort. On a daily basis new providers pop up or radically change their concept (MySpace), their technique (MyVideo), their concept, and their layout.

Further, we are convinced that due to our specialization on YouTube, the world-wide biggest music and video platform, a new room for new ideas can be created.

For example, there is the option to download directly from YouTube channels, YouTube playlists, and search results or even from embedded videos from other websites. To develop such an add-on is only worth the effort for YouTube because of its global presence.

YouTube is with 1 billion users per month and roughly 4 billion video clicks per day the biggest music and video portal. Also, after Google YouTube is the second biggest search engine, even before Yahoo and Bing.

These incredible facts are a bottomless pit – still three facts should be mentioned:

  1. Every minute (day and night) 72 hours of video material are uploaded on YouTube
  2. For 2014 Google expects for YouTube sales in the amount of 5 Billion US-Dollars, mainly through advertisement
  3. In about 3 years, the video content will make up circa 80 to 90% of the entire internet volume.

For this reasons there is currently no way around YouTube and this probably will not change in the near future, for there are hardly any videos or music clips that cannot be found there.

The downloader recognizes every video from YouTube – whether it is while playing a video, listening to a playlist, a YouTube-Mix, to a channel or even to embedded and linked videos on other websites.
Those are listed with one click and with another click the download starts.

The most used download profiles are predefined- Thus it can be chosen from predefined audio or video formats and easily switch to other formats. Download profiles can be revised, deleted and own profiles can be added at any time.

It does not matter if one is downloading music or videos on a daily basis and prefers smaller files for the phone or HD videos for the home entertainment.

The Add-on downloads all required files according to the YouTube download standards. For example, if there is no separate soundtrack available then the converter downloads the appropriate video file (i.e. MP4 instead of AAC or FLV instead of MP3). Then the soundtrack can be extracted and if needed it can be converted into another file format.

The same goes for the download of high definition (HD) and Ultra-high definition videos (1080kp/4k). In this case, the video and audio track file will automatically be downloaded separate and will be combined by the converter. Therefore, it is now possible to combine the maximum audio and video quality to generate ultra-high definition videos with the highest audio quality (192kbit/s).

During this process the user has to do nothing more. This process is automatically generated and after the download is finished, other unneeded files (i.e. extracting files) will be deleted.

Please read – Important information in order to use the full potential

After the downloader is successfully installed the add-on will ask if the additional FFmpeg converter (ca. 26 MB) should be installed as well. One should accept this download since without this converter not every function of the add-on will be accessible.

The FFmpeg converter is just an open source collection of audio and video codecs, (for example the popular VLC Media Player is using those). Thus, it is trustworthy and at the same time a useful tool (FFmeg on Wikipedia).

What is the FFmpeg for? Extracting, combining and converting

FFmpeg extracts the soundtrack from a YouTube video, combines video and soundtrack for the download of a full HD Video (1080p), and converts video and audio files in any requested format. For all those function a converter like FFmpeg is necessary.

One benefit of FFmpeg is that the file converting proceeds not through a Cloud, proxy or a website which is riddled with advertisement. Instead, it directly takes place without any detours.

We understand if many users are hesitant and do not want to download additional and unknown software.FFmpegcan also be downloaded separately and the file path can be added afterwards through the Add-on manager.

What is a browser extension? It is no complicated software…

An add-on is an extension for a browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox) which is not an independent or complicated software which is installed on the computer. It is only a simple tool within the browser which extends just the browser function.

An add-on is built like a website employing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and uses the function which is provided by the browser, like the opening new tabs, the saving of certain adjustments, etc.

Thus the YouTube Downloader & Converter adds functions to the browser which will recognize, download, and convert videos and music from YouTube.

For free, uncomplicated and safe!

For now we only developed the add-on for Mozilla Firefox. If the reception and the feedback is positive, we also plan on developing the add-on for Chrome/Opera and Safari.

In our view Mozilla Firefox, especially the newest version, is still the best and the safest browser for normal users. Therefore, it was not hard to decide with which browser to start.

You can download the latest Mozilla Firefox here
If you need help with the installation, please read the instruction.

Yes, I have read and understood the Privacy policy and Terms of service.
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How are we funding us? Development and Maintenance

The programming, maintenance, and development of our add-on and also the website and its operation on a web-server cost one-time a lot of money and regularly a little money.

It is our hope that the project is able to pay itself and this is why we hope that many users will help us by downloading our add-on.

Above all, we do not want to annoy our users with disruptive advertisements like other providers do. So we do not want to fill our website with banner or other advertisement elements in order to lure the user into downloading other things.

Of course, every user could donate 50 cent or so. However, it is not our intention to dip into your users pockets and to beg for money!

How do we defray our costs without any disruptive ads and donations?

It is easy: In our add-on we have an integrated function – the so called “trusted link” for search engines and we believe that this adds value for our users by highlighting correspondent search results.

Through JavaScript from a third-party supplier, the search engines (like Google) will be highlighting appropriate search results with a logo. This way it emphasizes brands, trustworthy websites, and shops. Every click on such a search result we will be refunded in the resulting revenue or purchases (affiliate provision).

With that we hope that we will earn enough money to develop new features, offer necessary updates, and cover other browser as well so that more users are able use our service.

It goes without saying that the use of our free add-on is not automatically linked to the activation of “trusted links”!
Every user has the option do deactivate this function permanently and easily when going to the option settings of the add-on.

We thank every single user who likes our work and who wants to support us.